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Rugby may be a sport , one among which has been gaining more fans for every time appear more variants of it.This sport is extremely characterized by his physical contact, and there are people that don't like sports albeit he's theoretically very violent. As we said, nowadays there are several variations of this sport, there being the foremost well-known which is Fifteen live Rugby, then comes the Rugby League which consists of 13 players, and also has the Sevens Rugby which consists of seven elements, and this variant is already an Olympic sport. Then there are a couple of more variations like beach rugby, touch rugby, or the underwater rugby. watch live Tennis on

History of Rugby

In a quick presentation, this sport came to England within the nineteenth century, with the story that the thought for this sport happened because a footballer named William Webb Ellis took the ball together with his hands and ran with it until to rock bottom line.


The 15 Rugby game consists of two teams, this having a complete duration of 80 minutes, divided by two parts of 40 minutes, and therefore the time just for just in case of injury of a primary line player. The goal of the team is to attain as many points as possible, winning the team with the foremost points at the top of the sport . Most points are scored when a player can cross the opposing line (bottom line) and make the ball touch the bottom while in touch with it.

Rugby Field

The Rugby field features a rectangular shape, being it lawn/grass, having this one being on the principles of Rugby, and features a maximum length of 144 meters by 70 meters wide. The field is split by several lines. it's the middle line that divides the sector in two, delimiting the edges of the teams and marking the center of the sector , and has the 22-meter lines that mark the place where the player can already let the ball touch the bottom and check out to form a try. In the center of rock bottom line of both teams also are 2 posts crossed by another to interconnect (taking the shape of an H) which must be a minimum of 5,6 meters wide and bar that interlinks them must be a minimum of 6,4 meters off the bottom . The area above the bar between the bars is where players can kick in various situations of the sport (we will explain) to attain points.

Games and Moments

Each party starts with a player of the team that's beginning to kick the middle line to the side of the opponent of the sector , with the players of the opposing team that are positioned a minimum of 10 meters away and therefore the ball has got to undergo these 10 meters the minimum or are going to be considered an infringement.


There are several ways to attain points and also each way gives a special number of points. Let's see one by one now.

Try (5 points)

A try is scored when the ball is propped against the bottom within the area beyond the opponents in-goal line. A penalty try could also be scored if a player has scored the try but was stopped by a penalty from the opponent.

Conversion (2 points)

After a try has been scored, the team may attempt to make a conversion, which consists of kicking the ball and trying to form it pass between the posts and over the crossbar, the kicking location being in line with the place where the ball was made a try.

Penalty (3 points)

The penalty are often taken if it's granted after suffering an infraction. The player has got to make the traditional kick between the posts and over the crossbar.

Drop Goal (3 points)

It is when the player has the ball during the sport and decides to undertake to kick the ball between the posts, dropping it, and after touching the bottom kick.


The referees are three in total, with one referee and two line judges (equal to live Football). The umpire shall be liable for all penalties and shall make any infractions when any team commits them. He should be the leader and control of the sport. Line judges assist the most referee, essentially telling if the ball or player has crossed the sideline and also if the ball has been inside the H.


As in many sports, live Rugby also features a yellow card and a red card to sanction players who make more serious infractions. The yellow card acts as a warning and therefore the player is prevented from playing for 10 minutes. The red card is applied either to an accumulation of two yellows or when the player commits a significant infraction, which successively leads to his expulsion. live NFL on