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American football, known within the us simply as football, may be a competitive sport known for its physical roughness despite being a highly strategic game. the thing of the sport is to attain points by advancing the ball into the opposing team's end zone, kicking a field goal, or scoring a security by tackling an opposing team's ball-carrier in his own end zone. The ball are often advanced either by carrying it or by throwing it to a teammate. The winner is that the team with the foremost points when the time expires and therefore the last play ends. live American Football descended from rugby , played within the uk within the mid-nineteenth century. the primary game of school football was played on November 6, between Rutgers University and Princeton University . the primary modernized game was on June 4, between Harvard University and Tufts University.Professional football developed within the mill towns of Pennsylvania and therefore the American Midwest within the early twentieth century. The National league (live NFL) was founded in Canton, Ohio, and is now comprised of 32 teams. Today, football is that the hottest American sport, with the day of the NFL championship the Super Bowl being one among the most important occasions for social gatherings within the us .Outside the us , the game is mentioned as American football to differentiate it from other football games. In Australia and New Zealand, the sport is understood as Gridiron, although in America the word 'gridiron' refers only to the playing field. Variations of the sport include Canadian football and Arena football.


The object of yank football is to attain more points than the opposing team within the deadline of the sport. American football is played on a field 120 yards long by 160 feet wide. The longer boundary lines are sidelines, while the shorter boundary lines are end lines. Near each end of the sector are two goal lines located 100 yards apart. A scoring area called an end zone extends 10 yards beyond each line to every end line. Yard lines cross the sector every five yards, and are numbered from each line to the 50-yard line, or midfield. Two rows of lines, referred to as hash marks, are interspersed between the yard lines, one yard aside from one another . All plays start with the ball on or between the hash marks. At the rear of every end zone are two goal posts (also called uprights) 18.5 feet apart and connected by a crossbar 10 feet from the bottom . Each team has 11 players on the sector at a time. However, teams may substitute for any or all of their players, if time allows, during the break between plays during time-outs. As a result, players have very specialized roles, and therefore the large majority of the 46 active players on an NFL team will play in any given game. Thus, teams are divided into three separate units: the offense, the defense, and therefore the special teams, which are involved in kicking plays.

Game duration

A standard professional or college football consists of 4 15-minute quarters typically lasting 12 minutes in high-school football with a half-time intermission after the second quarter. The clock stops after certain plays; therefore, a game lasts considerably longer than the official game time, often quite three hours in real time. If an NFL game is tied after four quarters, the teams play a further period lasting up to fifteen minutes. In an NFL overtime game, the primary team that scores wins; this is often mentioned as overtime . during a regular-season NFL game, if neither team scores in overtime, the sport may be a tie. In an NFL game , additional overtime periods are played, as needed, to work out a winner. College overtime rules are more complicated.


Variations on these basic rules exist, particularly in-tuned and flag football, which are designed as non-contact or limited-contact alternatives to the relative violence of normal live American Football . in-tuned and flag football, normal tackling isn't permitted. Offensive players are 'tackled' when a defender tags them or removes a flag from their body, respectively. Both of those varieties are played mainly in informal settings like intramural or youth games. Professional, intercollegiate, and varsity-level highschool football invariably use the quality tackling rules. Another variation is with the amount of players on the sector . In sparsely populated areas, it's not uncommon to seek out highschool football teams playing nine-man football, eight-man football or six-man football. Players often play on offense also as defense. stage league may be a league that plays eight-man football, and also plays indoors and on a way smaller playing surface.

Special teams

The units of players who handle kicking plays are referred to as 'special teams.' Two important special-teams players are the 'punter,' who handles punts, and therefore the 'placekicker' or 'kicker', who kicks off and attempts field goals and additional points. Another key special teams player is that the kick returner, who tries to run the ball back to put his offensive team in an advantageous position, or maybe score a touchtown himself.


To catch up on the risks inherent within the game, players must wear special protective equipment, like a padded plastic helmet, shoulder pads, hip pads and knee pads. These protective pads were introduced decades ago and have improved ever since to assist minimize lasting injury to players. An unintended consequence of all the security equipment has resulted in increasing levels of violence within the game. This has caused the varied leagues, especially the NFL, to implement a sophisticated series of penalties for various sorts of contact. Despite protective equipment and rule changes to stress safety, injuries remain common in football. it's increasingly rare, for instance , for NFL quarterbacks or running backs to form it through a whole season without missing a while to injury. Additionally, 28 football players, mostly high-schoolers, died from injuries directly associated with football from 2000-2005 although many of were associated with dehydration or other samples of 'non-physical' dangers. Concussions are common, with about 41,000 estimated per annum among highschool players. Extra and optional equipment like neck rolls, spider pads, rib protectors, and elbow pads help against injury also , though they are doing not tend to be employed by the bulk of players due to their lack of requirement. The danger of football and therefore the equipment required make regulation style football impractical for casual play. Flag football and American football are less violent variants of the sport popular among recreational players. also see live Baseball and live Ice Hockey on portal