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Early billiard balls were made of the tusks of elephants killed for their ivory. In spite of the fact that of natural beginning, ivory improves, rather than rots, with age. Hard ivory comes from long-dead elephants. Great many elephants were being butchered every year to give the ivory expected to make the large numbers of billiard balls produced each year, and the creatures before long become scant, driving ivory costs up. The development of ivory billiard balls likewise introduced difficulties. The balls must be put away at an even temperature for a week or so to keep temperature changes from breaking them. An inquiry was attempted to track down a substitute material. A nut found in South America had less versatility than ivory however in any case had comparable attributes. Nonetheless, it didnt get on as an ivory substitute. you can watch free live sports events Live billiard on usagoals also other sports like rugby, hockey, baseball

To support designers, a challenge was held in 1863. After five years, John Wesley Hyatt idealized celluloid, a material created in 1851 by Alexander Parkes. Hyatt entered a celluloid billiard ball into the challenge however neglected to win the $10,000 prize. His ball skipped, yet not sufficiently high. There was one more issue with celluloid billiard balls. Some of the time, they detonated. Hyatt covered his billiard balls with a compound considered collodion and sent them to billiard parlors to be tried, notice that the treated balls could burst into flames if a lit stogie [were] applied to them since collodion was a combustible substance. More terrible yet, the balls could detonate if any rough contact happened between them. A Colorado saloonkeeper who tried the collodion balls said he didn't mind the gentle blasts delivered each time the balls hit one another, however they fomented his clients, causing each man present to pull his weapon.